"Wow!  Have only just watched a few short extracts so far and glanced at the archive, but am already discovering things I didn't know! It's really fantastic and I'm so thrilled that we went for it - you've all done a great job and I can't wait to see the rest."
Tania D., London

"I never knew my grandpa returned back to his army base the day after his wedding day. It was just wonderful to hear him describe “the happiest day of his life”. This really is the best gift you could ever give someone."
Rob K., London

"You've been very good in covering most things. In fact, if I hadn't had these questions, and somebody said to talk, I'd have forgotten heaps of these things..."
Mick I., London, Interviewee

"We spent such a wonderful day together filming my dad, he was talking about the experience for weeks! I’m so happy and, actually, relieved that we have taken the plunge and recorded him now, and I know we will enjoy watching his video in the future. Thank you so much."
B.K., Stanmore