Everyone has a story

At My Story, we recognise that everyone has a story to tell about their life. From the earliest childhood memories, to the special milestones throughout the years. Looking back, it’s often those everyday things that are the most character defining.

To our children and grandchildren this is our legacy. It helps them to understand how we come to be who we are today.

My Story sets out to help people explore their story, and tell it in their own words. Our skilled interviewers do extensive research before each interview, to get a deep insight into each person’s timeline, allowing them to trigger memories that often unlock wonderful, personal anecdotes.

The end product is a truly unique video archive of the interview, that the next generation will treasure.




Sharon Laifer

My Story was born from my experiences working for Spielberg's USC Shoah Foundation, both in Los Angeles and in the UK office, where we recorded 900 interviews of British Holocaust Survivors to add to the worldwide collection of more than 53,000. Whilst recording these testimonies, it struck me that besides being invaluable historical data, they were a wonderful gift to have in the family, to ensure that loved ones are remembered in generations to come. And so My Story was born - an archive to house the stories of all of our loved ones.

After studying Communications at the University of Leeds, I worked for several years making television commercials before moving to a 14 year career in broadcasting. After having three beautiful children, My Story is now a thriving, full-time business.


Alisa Heimann

Having started my career in Management Consultancy, I then spent 9 years working in Investment Banking Risk Management. After spending some time with my wonderful twins, I then entered the field of documentary film making before joining My Story.